I am Lisa Ghisolf, founder of Gizmo Creative Factory Inc., and I supply the majority of the networking events listed here, with others added by valued contacts I’ve made over the years, and of course, you!

Why networking?

As I was starting my design studio in 2003, I found networking was the best way to connect with the people I wanted to do business with, not to mention their networks. A few events here and there, and I was hooked.

As a “veteran” of the past 9+ years in the Chicago networking scene, I’ve seen a lot of networking events come and go. On any given day there are far too many events to attend, in dozens of industries. And sooner or later, if you network enough, people start to ask you where the next great event is.

Finally, here’s my response: I pull various networking event feeds, plus the many great events I come across on a daily basis, for your reference. And I’ve been doing it since 2009.

Bookmark and subscribe to the site, and share with your own networks. Every person this site touches means another possible networking contact! And, don’t hesitate to share your Chicago networking events with me—if there’s a networking component I’ll be glad to post it!

Enjoy! This site will grow with your help.